Reading Through the Bible – One Day at a Time

Beginning March 20, 2017

I’m embarking on a challenge that I hope you will join me on.

As a Christian, reading the entire Bible can be a daunting task. Take it from me. I’ve tried and failed on more than one occasion.

Below you will find a Schedule and the list of Weekly Readings.

Reading Through the Bible

There are 66 Books in the Bible and 1,189 chapters. And when you put it like that, who wouldn’t find it a daunting task? But we (should you chose to take up the challenge) are going to do it.

How long will this take?

Good question and I’m glad you asked. According to my calculations if we read a couple of chapters a day it will take about 2 years. However, it may take a bit longer with days off. But nevertheless we are going to make it through

The reading schedule will post on Sunday. We won’t be reading the books in order. I think it’ll be better if we alternate between Old and New Testaments. And I might throw some fun stuff in to keep us on our toes. 😝

The Schedule

  • On Sunday the weekly reading schedule will post so you can participate and/or follow along.
  • Monday – Friday I’ll post a summary and my insights of that day’s reading. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the day’s readings in the comments (Reflections) section. If you write a blog post link to your post in the Reflections.
  • On Saturday there will be a Weekly Meditation/Wrap Up of what I (we) learned. I’m hoping this will be a lively discussion of our insights.

If you fall behind don’t worry about it, just keep reading. We all know and understand life happens and should life happen don’t beat yourself up about it. Just start where ever we are.