[3] Monday FAQues 2.15.16

Even though I’ve been a benefactor of God’s love, grace and mercy, I still wonder from time-to-time . . .

What is the point in following Christ?

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One thought on “[3] Monday FAQues 2.15.16

  1. To me I feel the point of following Christ is because before him I wasn’t truly living. I prayed to God but I lived for me and so I didn’t depend on him as much for I thought I could do all by myself. Then I was done with school and out on my own and I realized something was missing and it was God. I haven’t felt more complete since I became a Christian and God became #1 in my life. Everything is possible and gets better for me because of Christ and because of him I learn so much more than I ever could about him if I didn’t go to such a wonderful church. Following Christ gives me so much more purpose in my life.

    I think I mostly answered this question, so glad you asked it.


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