What’s Going on with Decision. Christ.?

Let  me go into a little more detail as to the great new things taking place here at Decision. Christ. starting Monday, February 1st.

Monday is Monday FAQues. I’ll post a question and we’ll answer it and have a good honest discussion. Of course you are more than welcome to ask questions, too. You may submit you them at hinessight2020 at gmail dot com or via Twitter and use #MondayFAQues

On Tuesdays there will be a creative writing prompt based off a Bible scripture. You can find out more here. I saw this sometime ago and thought it was a good idea. The story should be no more than 300-words and may be written in any genre you like.

There will be a biweekly series on Wednesdays beginning February 3rd. The first in the series is ‘Living For and Like Christ’.

The first Thursday of the month there will be a post on My Journey and My Struggle with my Christian faith. I would very much like to open this segment up to you. If you’d like to share your Journey and Struggle with your faith you may email me at hinessight2020 at gmail dot com.

And, last but certainly not least on the third Thursday of the month there will be a post entitled [On . . .] This could on anything from hypocrisy to homosexuality to obedience to suffering. The list goes on.

I look forward to seeing you and having some wonderfully engaging discussions.


Daily Reflection

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