Bible Scripture Creative Writing Prompt

Who said you can’t have fun reading the Bible. Every Tuesday a new Bible scripture writing prompt will post.

Authors from around the world will gather to share their 300-word max story inspired by the scripture prompt and offer constructive criticism and encouragement to each other.  

Watch for the new prompt every Tuesday. Hope to see you there. 

  1. The scripture prompt will post Tuesday morning and close Sunday at 11:59 pm EST.
  2. Write a story (300 word max) based on the weekly scripture
  3. No erotica/sexual themes/ excessive violence
  4. You can write fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or whatever

10 thoughts on “Bible Scripture Creative Writing Prompt

  1. I would like to participate but I can’t find the scripture? What’s this weeks scripture prompt and how can I find it on your page. I’m sure it’s right in front of my eyes and I’m just not seeing it. Happens to me all the time! 🙂


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