Blogging 201 – ‘Give ‘Em What They Want’

Continuing with Blogging 201. Today’s assignment was to check out your stats page and find out what topics and days of the week got the most traffic. And once you find that out create an editorial calendar to:

Give ‘Em What They Want

This task was a bit hard because I haven’t been blogging regularly and my blog is a mere 2 months and 5 days old.

Well, I checked out my stats and here’s how everything panned out.

  • My best day was November 10th with 32 views and
  • The most popular post is: My Struggle with Prayer.
  • I have had a total of 180 views since I started the blog in October
  • And 14 followers

Not to shabby, huh?

I don’t have an honest sense of what posts you’re interested in yet. So I thought, ‘Why not give ’em what they want.’ In the “Let’s Have a Conversation” section tell me what topic(s) you’d like to see me write on.

Your suggestions will help create the editorial calendar for the next 30 days. And of course I’ll give you credit for your suggestion and a pingback to your blog.


6 thoughts on “Blogging 201 – ‘Give ‘Em What They Want’

  1. Okay… here’s my very curious self – but as you state in your tagline that your blog is about being a christian, that always intrigues me: how do you define your faith? What do you struggle with? What made you come to this point? And the thing I am always asking myself: there are so many ‘currents’ in christianity. I was born and raised in the catholic tradition. I still find myself very grounded in it. Heck, I even teach about/in it, and I am very careful to give my students ‘the voice from inside’ as far as I can translate it. But I know there are many christians out there who don’t share my views. We have many things in common and a whole lot of differences. How do you reflect upon that? (Do you?)

    Sorry, that’s already half of a calendar LOL en also very personal. But that would be something I would love to read about!

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    1. Thanks Elvira for your input. These are great! I even thought about doing a comparison chart of different denominations within the Christianity and later down the road another with different religions.

      I know and socialize with lots of people from different faiths and I’m always surprised at how similar our religions are.

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    2. Elvira, these are really great questions and as a Catholic (who was once Anglican initially) I can relate to your comment about other Christians who do not necessarily share our views. My biggest struggle is with my faith and knowing that God will definitely come through for me as long as I wait for him – it’s the waiting that challenges me most!


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