A Few of My Struggles

Sometimes I feel like I do more struggling with my faith than I should. I know that being a Christian is a constant struggle and I often wonder if and when it will get easier.

Although I have abandoned my walk with God on more occasions, I am reminded that He patiently waits for my return. Sometimes He gives a gentle nudge in order for me to return to Him and sometimes He thrusts me into something so painful and confusing that I run back to Him. And after he has brought through the darkness and I say I’m going to stay in His will, I slowly but surly abandon Him again.

Here is a list of my immediate struggles. From time to time I’ll update you on how I’m conquering these struggles.

  • Studying the Word of God 
    I used to do this pretty regularly and then I stopped. I went to church, Sunday school, Bible study and studied. I’m not sure when I stopped studying, but since I have things aren’t as bad as they could be, but their definitely as not as good as they should be because I don’t the Word in my heart to fall back on.
  • Finding my true God-given path
    I’m sure God has shown me and even put me on that path a time or two, but me being hardheaded and stubborn didn’t listen
  • Faith
    This is a constant struggle for me. I look at the scriptures Matthew 17:20 and Luke 17:6 and wonder how I can develop and keep faith as small as a mustard seed
  • Prayer
    This is pretty big for me right now, especially since I’m going through some not so pleasant things on my job. I’ve never been a prayer and like a lot, if not most Christians, I tend to pray when things get rough or start to go bad.
  • Relinquishing control
    This is something that is super difficult for me. I’ve read many scriptures that tell you, encourage you to let God be in control. There’s song that Carrie Underwood sings called “Jesus  Take the Wheel” and the last verse is:

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go
So give me one more chance
Save me from this road I’m on
Jesus take the wheel

Daily Reflection

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